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Why Get Help Worldwide is a better site to invest

I am known for posting long essay about site.  That is because I don't just post in just for the mere reason of  getting referers. Even though I will not deny that fact.  But in addition to that,  I also try as much as possible to educate my readers to not just register, but also have first hand knowledge of how the system works. This is because after witnessing what venerable Nigerians suffer daily with hit and run sites,  I have made it a duty to only post sites that I am sure are real and have lasted for sometime.

Having said that,  I am posted to bring to you GET HELP WORLD WIDE!  popularly called GHW.
I know must of you may be wondering why I am posting this as if the site was launched yesterday. Like I said I am skeptical to must site and I do not post until I am sure.

Get Help Worldwide is one of the World’s most organized Mutual Aid / Crowd Funding / Donation Exchange / Social Financial Platform, Programmed to last forever with innovative features. Some of the features will be listed and elaborated as I  proceed.


So many of us are yet to understand the ideology behind Crowd Funding Programs, while others are busy setting themselves up through Crowd Funding communities like Get Help Worldwide. Across the Globe, Crowd Funding has become a major means of raising money among individuals and a lot of successful Companies/Businesses have been set up via Crowd Funding.

What Is Get Help Worldwide All About?

It is simply an online Community where people are helping each other Financially Directly with No Third Parties Involved, whatever Help you give to someone financially grows by 30% if in Local currency or 50% if in Bitcoin in 30 days. In Get Help Worldwide you are not required to pay any money for registration i.e. Registration is FREE, there is NO CENTRAL ACCOUNT where people are required to pay money to. All you have to do is to make a Pledge of an amount you wish to Provide as Help in the Community, you remain with your money and wait patiently till you are Paired with another Participant who needs the help you are offering then you give the help directly to that Participant with no third party involved. The same way on the 30th day when you request for help from the community, you will be paired with another participant in the community who pays directly to you. Example. You give help of 1,000 to a Participant, on the 30th day you receive help of 1,300 if help was given in your local currency or 1,500 if help was given in Bitcoin.

Will Get Help Worldwide Last? This question will be answered clearly with features that will blow your mind. YES, GET HELP WORLDWIDE WILL LAST FOREVER, before I proceed to telling you why it will last forever, I will like to take you back to what a community like this is all about. A Mutual Aid/Crowd Funding Community is NOT
(1.) A Business
(2.) A Loan
(3.) A Networking Business (Where you must invite someone to join before you make money), All three (3) mentioned above are not what we are talking about here. Mutual Aid / Crowd Funding Community is a Community that depends on its Participants to last forever. To last forever, all participants have to be active knowing fully well that they will make 30% or 50% every 30days. Most Mutual Aid Platforms fail after few years because there were no Rules to guide people in the Platform. Let me give you a clear example: In a platform like MMM, One can Provide Help of 1,000,000 naira and in 30day Get Help of 1,300,000. The same person can decide to give 10,000 in his next offer (After he has taken out 300,000 naira from the Community) in some cases he might not offer any other help but will keep enjoying his registration Bonuses every Month. Note that when you are taking out money from the Community without contributing anymore from your end, you are making the community to shake because you are getting peoples donation without giving any donation (It starts becoming a One Sided platform and as many others follow that Part, The Platform Stands Still with no one to pay those who offered Help).


Just as in MMM, you don't have to refer people before you earn but if you do decide to, in Get Help Worldwide you receive 10% every time those directly under you Provide Help. In MMM this isn't the case. MMM gives you 10% of your direct downlines' PH the first time but subsequently a formula is used to check whether or not you should get a percentage and in many cases you don't. Many MMM participants are unaware of this reality.  GHW however, gives you 10% as often as those you refer PH.

The absence of guiders in GHW means that money isn't unnecessarily doled out to some people who often do almost next to nothing to receive such huge sums of money, as is sometimes the case in MMM. Rather in GHW the participants themselves are made to directly benefit by receiving 10% every single time their direct down lines PH.

In GHW when you PH and then GH after 30 days, you cannot PH again with a lower amount. You can either maintain that same amount you initially PHed with or you increase it. In MMM it's not so. One can provide help of 2 million today, het help of 2,600,000 after 30 days and then provide help of 20,000 the next time. Such things can wreck the system if many people behave like that at the same time.

In GHW after you GH you're mandated to PH again within 3 days of getting help else you'll be blocked. This makes the system work well because it ensures there's no shortage of people providing help and of funds in the community. It therefore means that you can take away the returns on the money you gave while the initial amount you PHed with still remains in the system as a seed that will bring you more returns. It's a healthy practice both for the participant and the GHW community.

GHW is far more stable and designed to stay relevant long most of these site that are taunted about met their Waterloo. Rules and conditions have been put in place to ensure this.

When you register on GHW an email is sent to your email address to verify or activate your account. Your phone number also receives an SMS. The same thing happens when you re paired to send your money to someone, you're notified byh SMS and email. Also, when your payment is confirmed, you're automatiucally notified by SMS. This is just an example of how organized the GHW system is.

The security checks in GHW are much stronger than what obtains in MMM. Once you have put in your bank details, you can no longer edit it without contacting support. Hence, you're encouraged to be careful when entering those details. This check makes it difficult for someone to just log into your account and steal your money by changing your bank details just before your money comes. Also, the site is SSL protected and hacker proof.
My only benefit for introducing you to the site is when you use my link to register

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