Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Reno Omokri and the Celebration of Ignorance

By Azuka Onwuka

Last week, Mr Reno Omokri, former social media aide of erstwhile president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, reacted to a 2014 comment the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mr Nnamdi Kanu, made against Jonathan. In that comment, Kanu accused Jonathan of being weak, and said that his wife, Dame Patience Jonathan, was a stronger character. Someone looking for mischief republished the story as if it was a fresh comment, and many like Reno Omokri fell for it without asking questions.
However, the interesting thing was that Omokri did not respond to Kanu. He responded to the entire Igbo ethnic group, saying all kinds of uncomplimentary things about them. This is the way most Nigerians react to things involving an Igbo: they usually leave the culprit and attack the whole Igbo ethnic group. When an Igbo speaks, it is the entire Igbo ethnic group that has spoken, but when a Yoruba, or Hausa or Ijaw or Tiv speaks, people usually respond to the individual involved.
That was how the January 1966 coup was branded an Igbo coup. Consequently, Igbo civilians were massacred, even after the July 1966 coup-plotters had succeeded in killing the head of state and taking back power. Sadly, 50 years after that genocidal reaction to the Igbo civilians, those who carried out that cold-blooded mass murder as well as their children and the children of those who kept silent when the massacre of Igbo civilians took place are still justifying it with the argument that “the Igbo started it,” as if the killed Igbo civilians participated in the coup or were consulted by the soldiers during the planning of the coup.
In contrast, when the 1976 coup, which was masterminded by Middle-belt soldiers, executed, the Middle-belt civilians were not massacred, neither was it labelled a Middle-belt coup. Nigerians focused on Lt. Col. Buka Suka Dimka and his co-plotters.
Similarly, when the 1990 coup led by mainly Middle-belt and South-south people (with Major Gideon Orkar, Col. Tony Nyiam and Chief Great Ogboru as arrowheads), occurred, Middle-belt and South-south civilians were not attacked or even blamed. It was seen purely as a coup by soldiers. And only those who had a hand in the coup paid for it.
In his article against Kanu’s 2014 comment on Jonathan, Reno Omokri tried to prove how tactless Igbo are with this example: “Nnamdi Azikiwe was at one time known all over Africa as Zik of Africa. It was a thing of pride and joy to pre-independent Nigeria. Everyone was proud of Zik including Northerners. This is a fact. But the story ended tragically. No matter what may have happened to him through his political choices and alliances, it was a very great disappointment that a man who reached the peak of his political career as Zik of Africa ended up allowing himself to be known as the Owelle of Onitsha, not even of Nigeria, or Igboland or even Anambra, but of Onitsha.”
About a month ago, in his article “Hegemony: What the Igbo can learn from Yoruba and Fulani about power,” Omokri said: “This humility is ingrained into Yoruba and Northern youths from infancy. In the North, youths squat to greet their fathers and their male elders. In the Southwest, children are taught to prostrate for their elders as a form of greeting. Banky W is an international star but when he met Dele Momodu, he prostrated before him. Long before him, Sir Shina Peters did that to King Sunny Ade. I doubt that an Igbo man can even muster enough humility to prostrate before his own father how much more an elder! He would consider that as foolishness.”
It was shocking that an educated person, a well-travelled person and a pastor like Omokri could wallow in such ethnocentric ignorance by using one culture to judge another. It is like a newspaper columnist denigrating the Warri people over the starch they eat by comparing it with the pounded yam the Yoruba eat, or a European writer ridiculing Nigerians for eating cow’s hide (kanda/kpomo) as a delicacy rather than using it for leather, or eating goat’s head, intestines and feet as a delicacy (isi-ewu and nkwobi) which the Europeans would usually throw away or use as feed for animals.
We should remember that Isaac and Jacob in the Bible married their first cousins. Many ethnic groups and races in Nigeria and across the world marry their relatives, but it is an abomination among the Igbo to marry somebody from the same umunna, which is a large family that shares the same progenitor dating back 10 generations or more. Now imagine an Igbo writer denigrating those who marry their first or second cousins because his own custom forbids it! This can only be acceptable if the writer is pointing out the health implications of marriage between people who are related.
In Igbo cosmology, prostrating or kneeling down to greet anyone is blasphemous. It is reserved for God Almighty alone. It is seen as ill-breeding for any Igbo person not to greet anyone who is older. Such a child is usually corrected verbally by the elder or even disciplined. However, no Igbo man or woman accepts another to prostrate or kneel down while greeting him or her. A friend of mine who did his National Youth Service Corps scheme in the South-west returned home and prostrated to greet his father, as a show of respect that he had learnt in the South-west. Rather than feeling happy, his father was shocked and angry. The father shouted at him to rise up immediately and never deify him again.
When commercial vehicle operators or motorcycle operators, who are known for their recklessness, hit the car of a person on a Lagos street, their usual action is to prostrate as a way to show that they are remorseful. However, if the owner of the car is a Yoruba person, the prostrating may touch him, but if it is an Igbo, such prostrating irritates him immediately and makes it more difficult to forgive the offender.
How then could an educated person like Reno Omokri want an Igbo musician to prostrate while greeting another older Igbo celebrity when the older person sees such an act as blasphemous?
On the issue of Zik dropping from being the Zik of Africa to the Owelle of Onitsha, this ridiculous statement had been made in the past by some people out of ignorance, and Omokri simply rehashed that comment without interrogating it, just because he needed to find something with which to prove that Igbo are not as good as other ethnic groups.
Every Igbo man (as well as woman) is expected to rise from the name his father gave him to the name he gave himself or acquired through the acquisition of the ozo title (or honorary chieftaincy title nowadays.) That name is usually cherished by the bearer more than his given name, and it often overshadows his original name. Titles are given by the traditional ruler of a town, not the state or Igboland. Combining a title with the name of the town accords the title more authenticity and class. That is why Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu is synonymous with “Ikemba of Nnewi.” Another man can be the Ikemba of Asaba or Abakaliki. Senator Chuba Okadigbo is better known as the Oyi of Oyi, while Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife is better known as Okwadike Igbo-Ukwu.
At the gathering of elders and titled men, they do not call each other by their given names. They use the salutation names. As a younger person, I dared not call Ojukwu by his personal name, but I hailed him “Ikemba Nnewi” anytime I met him, and he responded with excitement. If I wanted to show him that I knew him too well, I would hail him Odenigbo Ngwo (the title his in-laws gave him). That would immediately make him respond: “Onye na-akpo m” (Who is hailing me?) or “Onye ma m otu a?” (Who knows me like this?)
In Things Fall Apart, even though Chinua Achebe identified the title name or salutation name of most of the characters in the novel, he did not identify the title name of the hero of the novel, Okonkwo, who had taken some ozo titles and was the greatest wrester and warrior of his clan. As a warrior, an elder and an ozo title holder, Okonkwo would not be addressed as “Okonkwo” except by his parents or elder siblings. He would be addressed by his title name. When Things Fall Apart was turned into a TV series by Nigerian Television Authority in the mid 1980s, the producers rectified that by giving Okonkwo the title “Ebubedike”.
When I call my father-in-law or mother-in-law on phone or meet them in person, I hail them by their salutation names. They love it. Sometimes they respond by hailing me too by my salutation name. Occasionally when I hail my father by his own salutation name, especially when he finishes the ceremonial breaking of the kola nut, he lovees it.
That is how we roll.
If you hail a person by his salutation name and he fails to reciprocate, you remind him that he has “eaten” your own salutation name. If the person does not know yours or has forgotten, it is his duty to ask you yours. If the person is your father or mother or much older and does not respond by calling you by your salutation name, you don’t take offence, neither do you withhold hailing him next time. It is your duty as a junior person to greet him or her by including his or her salutation name or title name.
As an author, Omokri should know that his greatest asset should be the word “research”, if he wants to be taken seriously. There is no room for assumptions. It is called research because you need to search and search again and continue searching. Before you write about a people, you visit them, ask questions, make observations, read about them. That way you see the reason behind actions and write like an authority, not a neophyte.
Combining title names with city names is not even peculiar to the Igbo. Most Nigerians know the name Sardauna of Sokoto more than his real name Sir Ahmadu Bello. Former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, enjoyed being called Turaki Adamawa until he was elevated as Waziri Adamawa last month. Scholars of English literature know of the poet called Earl of Surrey and address him as such: His original name “Henry Howard” is rarely remembered. None of these titles with city names diminishes or localizes the bearer, except in the minds of mischief makers like Reno Omokri who must find a reason to denigrate the Igbo.
Ironically, in spite of the so-called great love people like Omokri had for Zik of Africa, when Zik contested for elections in Nigeria, after leading Nigeria’s independence struggle, Nigerians did not elect him in the First Republic nor in the Second Republic. So where is this wonderful love that Nigerians claim to have for Zik of Africa? Isn’t it hypocritical love or crocodile tears? Among Zik’s contemporaries in Africa – as well as non-contemporaries across the globe – the first elected prime minister or executive president of a country is usually the leader of the independence struggle: George Washington in the USA, Kwame Nkrumah in Ghana, Leopold Senghor in Senegal, Kenneth Kaunda in Zambia, Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya, Julius Nyerere in Tanzania, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Sam Nujoma in Namibia, Nelson Mandela in South Africa, Salva Kiir Mayardit in South Sudan, etc. But in Nigeria, the opposite was the case.
Given the type of person Dr Goodluck Jonathan is, he would be embarrassed by the attack on the Igbo by Omokri, even though Omokri’s mission was purportedly to defend him. It is sad that when the Igbo were supporting Jonathan and were even killed during the 2011 election, they were great people in the eyes of people like Omokri, because their support ensured that the daily bread of Omokri was not threatened. But since Jonathan is out of power, it is time for Omokri to show the world how he feels about the Igbo under the guise of giving them advice.
Nigerian ethnic groups have wonderful traits. There are people who make it their duty to celebrate these traits in other ethnic groups. But the majority of Nigerians usually try not to see the good in other ethnic groups but only look for negatives to highlight to show ethnic superiority. And that is why there is so much ethnic rivalry, suspicion, distrust, tension and clashes.
Those who have the power to write for the public must pocket their ethnic or religious bigotry and disdain and focus on issues (or offending individuals, if need be)

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Why Get Help Worldwide is a better site to invest

I am known for posting long essay about site.  That is because I don't just post in just for the mere reason of  getting referers. Even though I will not deny that fact.  But in addition to that,  I also try as much as possible to educate my readers to not just register, but also have first hand knowledge of how the system works. This is because after witnessing what venerable Nigerians suffer daily with hit and run sites,  I have made it a duty to only post sites that I am sure are real and have lasted for sometime.

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I know must of you may be wondering why I am posting this as if the site was launched yesterday. Like I said I am skeptical to must site and I do not post until I am sure.

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So many of us are yet to understand the ideology behind Crowd Funding Programs, while others are busy setting themselves up through Crowd Funding communities like Get Help Worldwide. Across the Globe, Crowd Funding has become a major means of raising money among individuals and a lot of successful Companies/Businesses have been set up via Crowd Funding.

What Is Get Help Worldwide All About?

It is simply an online Community where people are helping each other Financially Directly with No Third Parties Involved, whatever Help you give to someone financially grows by 30% if in Local currency or 50% if in Bitcoin in 30 days. In Get Help Worldwide you are not required to pay any money for registration i.e. Registration is FREE, there is NO CENTRAL ACCOUNT where people are required to pay money to. All you have to do is to make a Pledge of an amount you wish to Provide as Help in the Community, you remain with your money and wait patiently till you are Paired with another Participant who needs the help you are offering then you give the help directly to that Participant with no third party involved. The same way on the 30th day when you request for help from the community, you will be paired with another participant in the community who pays directly to you. Example. You give help of 1,000 to a Participant, on the 30th day you receive help of 1,300 if help was given in your local currency or 1,500 if help was given in Bitcoin.

Will Get Help Worldwide Last? This question will be answered clearly with features that will blow your mind. YES, GET HELP WORLDWIDE WILL LAST FOREVER, before I proceed to telling you why it will last forever, I will like to take you back to what a community like this is all about. A Mutual Aid/Crowd Funding Community is NOT
(1.) A Business
(2.) A Loan
(3.) A Networking Business (Where you must invite someone to join before you make money), All three (3) mentioned above are not what we are talking about here. Mutual Aid / Crowd Funding Community is a Community that depends on its Participants to last forever. To last forever, all participants have to be active knowing fully well that they will make 30% or 50% every 30days. Most Mutual Aid Platforms fail after few years because there were no Rules to guide people in the Platform. Let me give you a clear example: In a platform like MMM, One can Provide Help of 1,000,000 naira and in 30day Get Help of 1,300,000. The same person can decide to give 10,000 in his next offer (After he has taken out 300,000 naira from the Community) in some cases he might not offer any other help but will keep enjoying his registration Bonuses every Month. Note that when you are taking out money from the Community without contributing anymore from your end, you are making the community to shake because you are getting peoples donation without giving any donation (It starts becoming a One Sided platform and as many others follow that Part, The Platform Stands Still with no one to pay those who offered Help).



Just as in MMM, you don't have to refer people before you earn but if you do decide to, in Get Help Worldwide you receive 10% every time those directly under you Provide Help. In MMM this isn't the case. MMM gives you 10% of your direct downlines' PH the first time but subsequently a formula is used to check whether or not you should get a percentage and in many cases you don't. Many MMM participants are unaware of this reality.  GHW however, gives you 10% as often as those you refer PH.

The absence of guiders in GHW means that money isn't unnecessarily doled out to some people who often do almost next to nothing to receive such huge sums of money, as is sometimes the case in MMM. Rather in GHW the participants themselves are made to directly benefit by receiving 10% every single time their direct down lines PH.

In GHW when you PH and then GH after 30 days, you cannot PH again with a lower amount. You can either maintain that same amount you initially PHed with or you increase it. In MMM it's not so. One can provide help of 2 million today, het help of 2,600,000 after 30 days and then provide help of 20,000 the next time. Such things can wreck the system if many people behave like that at the same time.

In GHW after you GH you're mandated to PH again within 3 days of getting help else you'll be blocked. This makes the system work well because it ensures there's no shortage of people providing help and of funds in the community. It therefore means that you can take away the returns on the money you gave while the initial amount you PHed with still remains in the system as a seed that will bring you more returns. It's a healthy practice both for the participant and the GHW community.

GHW is far more stable and designed to stay relevant long most of these site that are taunted about met their Waterloo. Rules and conditions have been put in place to ensure this.

When you register on GHW an email is sent to your email address to verify or activate your account. Your phone number also receives an SMS. The same thing happens when you re paired to send your money to someone, you're notified byh SMS and email. Also, when your payment is confirmed, you're automatiucally notified by SMS. This is just an example of how organized the GHW system is.

The security checks in GHW are much stronger than what obtains in MMM. Once you have put in your bank details, you can no longer edit it without contacting support. Hence, you're encouraged to be careful when entering those details. This check makes it difficult for someone to just log into your account and steal your money by changing your bank details just before your money comes. Also, the site is SSL protected and hacker proof.
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Do You Know Give2gethelp?

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Linda, you cannot have it both ways- Ebonyi state Legistrator advises Linda on how to find the right man

  Linda Ikeji has been on the trend for  long time. Partly not just for her success in the blogging business, which has turned her to much talk about celebrity in own right, but also her inability to hook up with  a man even at an alarming age of 36. Linda herself feel not disturbed by her age. For she has stated it time and time again that she is not desperate for a man. In a recent interview, she made it clear that she will not marry a poor man and she rather  remain single all her life than fall for such.  As a reaction to that interview, Ebonyi state House of Assembly legislator, Hon Maria Ude Nwachi has an open letter to the blogger. Stating that there are lots of considerations and compromise that need to be put on the table when it comes to men...

Excerpt  after the cut:

Linda, you cannot have it both ways.....
I personally did a lot of damage control for Linda Ikeji when it was alleged she said; she can buy any man with her money. I sincerely did not believe she can utter such; as I could not imagine any reasonable human being saying such. I defended her with all my might. I Paid Facebook and Google to boost and promote the article I took my time to create, image-making style, in order to squash that allegation. Remember, I do not know her in any shape. Never met her. Never spoken with her. I know her the same way millions do, via the fact that she is famous blogger. I Just did it from my heart; for I see her as a role model to women and youths. And I did not want such dent on her image.
Recently, power-blogger, Linda Ikeji, told an interviewer that she can never marry a poor man. Hear her: "No, I can’t marry a poor guy and I’m being honest about it. He doesn’t have to be rich but let him be successful in his own way. When I was 30, my standards were extremely high. Now, I have only three criteria. He must be successful. He must be a good man in the sense that he has to be very supportive of what I do. If he tries to stifle me, I’m out. The third one, is the one that likes to eat groceries well (laughs)."
On her latest statement, I do not agree with her at all. Firstly; a rich man is nothing but a poor man with money. And; no condition in life is ever permanent.
The scariest thing for a man to hear is not even the one of her saying she can't marry a poor man, it is the one she says that she would be out if a man tries to stifle her. Then she better just create the man from scratch. Because there is no man, especially African man, that will not attempt to stifle his wife every now and then. That innocuous utterance has already sent strong signals to those successful men she is seeking that they better go and marry someone that will not attempt to wear the trouser at home with them; and not her. It also indicates to those successful men she wants that she will never be submissive in anyway to them; that she no send and is ready for a divorce at any given time. She is basically preempting divorce even before marriage.
The major reason men, especially African men are working hard to be successful is so they can get that woman they want, that will give them a peaceful home, and the leeway to be the oga of the house. Why would a man go through it all to make it only to marry a woman who is going to become the man of the house with him.
Important: A man is a man, poor or rich. No man with his head in intact, will be okay for a woman to control him. Even if the woman is richer than money itself. It will not happen. Even the poorest man on earth would rather be eating his Indomie in peace than to be controlled by any woman. This applies even in the civilized world. This not about pride, this is human nature.
On money: Being rich, poor or broke is not a permanent state of being. Moreover; money is not the be all and end all of life. Some people are very rich today not just by hard work but by force of universe which can also be interpreted as grace. Let us not dismiss people based on their current condition. Moreover, he only thing constant in life is change.
Hear Linda, "I keep telling people. It’s not that men are scarce. They are not scarce. The type of men that some of us are looking for are scarce. If I want to get married next week, I can. I want a man that I can look up to. Somebody that inspires me, somebody that will push me, motivate me; somebody who has had some success in his own career. I’m inspired by successful people. I can’t wait to meet someone like Tyler Perry."
Now let us talk about the definition of success. According to her, she wants to marry a successful man, but the man does not have to be rich. This is a huge oxymoron (an epigrammatic effect, by which contradictory terms are used in conjunction). Success is defined as; the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. And it does not take a genius to understand that by successful, she means a wealthy man. A man of means. Going by the example she gives as her kind of man, Tyler Perry, she has dropped all the hint any one needs to know concerning her idea of a successful man. Perry is an ultra-rich American actor, comedian, producer, director, screenwriter, playwright, author, and songwriter.
The problem i see with Linda is that she is often too open about her feelings. I will advise that in her search for a man that she should keep some of her criteria private. This is not America, this is not oyibo land where women can say and do anything with minimal or no consequence. Emotional intelligence is knowing your environment and adapting to it; especially when it comes to utterances, actions etc. It is not everything the heart conceives that must be uttered publicly.
Dear Linda, you can't have it both ways. You can't eat your cake and have it too. Being a very successful woman in Nigeria, you must be willing to compromise when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex. You might not be a girl, due to your high level, a man can tell what to do or what not to do, but you must not say such out loud, you must give vibes that you can be told what to do by your man, you must do your best to show them the utmost respect, the most respect you can muster to give them. You are going to have to eat humble pies for your man many a times. And it is okay my darling, it will take nothing away from you. Let the man to feel he is in control. You must try and do that. It is not an option, it is necessary.
By your success alone, you have made many men feel a bit less manly, and so to even rub it in by reading them riot acts to them, is an overkill. Humility is a natural gift, those who are humble by nature will remain humble even if they become the richest on earth. But humility can be learned too, in dealing with the opposite sex you will need a mighty doze of humility, nnem, learn it if by force biko. Always remember that a man is a man is man is a man. Respect matter to a man; no matter his status and class. Linda, in the end you will have the last laugh, when you are running around with your cute kids doing one or two things and your hubby by your side. When you are compromising and eating them humble pies, think of your family (your own kid/s and man) and it will all be worth it.
By virtue of you being a very successful woman, African woman for that matter, no matter who you marry, it is not going to be easy. But if you do your math properly, do some adjustments and amendments, you won't have any regrets. Life as we know it is not a bed of roses for anyone, if you have this, you might not have that, so it's all about compromise and middle-ground.
You are a very public figure. Your public utterances must be guided. By virtue of your rag to riches success story; you have become an involuntary role model to many; including me. You are intelligent but you need to take a class on emotional intelligence. Be very mindful of your public statements please. I wish you more success in life. Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Maria Ude Nwachi (Afikpo Chic).
#BCEL - Best Chic Ever Liveth (Nwanyi Afikpo).

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Patience Jonathan explains How She Made $15m In 15 Years


 There have  ruining battle between wife of former Nigerian President, Patience Jonathan and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, over the  $15million in several bank accounts linked to her. Mrs Jonathan who had earlier the anti craft agency for unlawfully freezing accounts,  has explained how she accumulated in 15 years $15million in several bank accounts linked to her.
“The funds in question were legitimate gifts from her friends and well-wishers over the last 15 years which she had been saving in order to utilize to upgrade family businesses and concerns which had been somewhat dormant by reason of the long period of her husband service as a public officer in Nigeria.

“The gifts were given in small contributions by several persons some of whom she cannot even now recall over this period of 15 years sometimes in as small a gift as N250,000 Naira.
In order to preserve the value of these funds which she did not require for any purpose at the time she changed them into foreign exchange and kept them as cash for a long period in her home safe in Port Harcourt and Abuja.
 It was when the family home in Otuoke was burnt down by hoodlums under the instigation of political adversaries in 2010 that she began to think about banking these gifts which had now grown to large sums in United States Dollars.
In 2010 she therefore summoned one of her husband’s domestic aides, Waripamo-Owei Emmanuel Dudafa to assist her in opening bank accounts into which the funds could be deposited.”
“Unknown to her the said Dudafa in a bid to be discreet about the owner of the funds decided to bank the funds in the names of companies owned by him. When she discovered this she was constrained to continue with the names of the companies when she was advised that it did not make any difference as to the ownership of the funds since the director of the company would appoint her as sole signatory to the accounts in question.”

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Buhari's Failed Promises- By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Image result for Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a novelist, nonfiction writer and short story writer. A MacArthur Genius Grant recipient. Read her article publish  on the New York Times:

 I was 7 years old the first time I recognized political fear. My parents and their friends were talking about the government, in our living room, in our relatively big house, set on relatively wide grounds at a southeastern Nigerian university, with doors shut and no strangers present. Yet they spoke in whispers. So ingrained was their apprehension that they whispered even when they did not need to. It was 1984 and Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari was the military head of state.
He had an opportunity to make real reforms early on, to boldly reshape Nigeria’s path. He wasted it.
Perhaps the first clue was the unusually long time it took him to appoint his ministers. After an ostensible search for the very best, he presented many recycled figures with whom Nigerians were disenchanted. But the real test of his presidency came with the continued fall in oil prices, which had begun the year before his inauguration.
Nigeria’s economy is unwholesomely dependent on oil, and while the plunge in prices was bound to be catastrophic, Mr. Buhari’s actions made it even more so.
He adopted a policy of “defending” the naira, Nigeria’s currency. The official exchange rate was kept artificially low. On the black market, the exchange rate ballooned. Prices for everything rose: rice, bread, cooking oil. Fruit sellers and car sellers blamed “the price of dollars.” Complaints of hardship cut across class. Some businesses fired employees; others folded.
The government decided who would have access to the central bank’s now-reduced foreign currency reserves, and drew up an arbitrary list of worthy and unworthy goods — importers of toothpicks cannot, for example, but importers of oil can. Predictably, this policy spawned corruption: The exclusive few who were able to buy dollars at official rates could sell them on the black market and earn large, riskless profits — transactions that contribute nothing to the economy.
Mr. Buhari has spoken of his “good reasons” for ignoring the many economists who warned about the danger of his policies. He believes, rightly, that Nigeria needs to produce more of what it consumes, and he wants to spur local production. But local production cannot be willed into existence if the supporting infrastructure is absent, and banning goods has historically led not to local production but to a thriving shadow market. His intentions, good as they well might be, are rooted in an outdated economic model and an infantile view of Nigerians. For him, it seems, patriotism is not a voluntary and flexible thing, with room for dissent, but a martial enterprise: to obey without questioning. Nationalism is not negotiated, but enforced.
The president seems comfortable with conditions that make an economy uncomfortable — uncertainty and disillusion. But the economy is not the only reason for Nigerians’ declining hope.
A few months ago, a young woman, Chidera, came to work as a nanny in my Lagos home. A week into her job, I found her in tears in her room. She needed to go back to her ancestral home in the southeast, she said, because Fulani herdsmen had just murdered her grandfather on his farm. She showed me a gruesome cellphone photo of his corpse, desecrated by bullets, an old man crumpled on the farm he owned.
Chidera’s grandfather is only one of the hundreds of people who have been murdered by Fulani herdsmen — cattle herders from northern Nigeria who, until recently, were benign figures in the southern imagination, walking across the country with their grazing cattle.
Since Mr. Buhari came to power, villages in the middle-belt and southern regions have been raided, the inhabitants killed, their farmlands sacked. Those attacked believe the Fulani herdsmen want to forcibly take over their lands for cattle grazing.
It would be unfair to blame Mr. Buhari for these killings, which are in part a result of complex interactions between climate change and land use. But leadership is as much about perception as it is about action, and Mr. Buhari has appeared disengaged. It took him months, and much criticism from civil society, to finally issue a statement “condemning” the killings. His aloofness feels, at worst, like a tacit enabling of murder and, at best, an absence of sensitive leadership.
Most important, his behavior suggests he is tone-deaf to the widely held belief among southern Nigerians that he promotes a northern Sunni Muslim agenda. He was no less opaque when the Nigerian Army murdered hundreds of members of a Shiite Muslim group in December, burying them in hastily dug graves. Or when soldiers killed members of the small secessionist pro-Biafran movement who were protesting the arrest of their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, a little-known figure whose continued incarceration has elevated him to a minor martyr.
Nigerians who expected a fair and sweeping cleanup of corruption have been disappointed. Arrests have tended to be selective, targeting mostly those opposed to Mr. Buhari’s government. The anti-corruption agencies are perceived not only as partisan but as brazenly flouting the rule of law: The Department of State Security recently barged into the homes of various judges at midnight, harassing and threatening them and arresting a number of them, because the judges’ lifestyles “suggested” that they were corrupt.
There is an ad hoc air to the government that does not inspire that vital ingredient for a stable economy: confidence. There is, at all levels of government, a relentless blaming of previous administrations and a refusal to acknowledge mistakes. And there are eerie signs of the past’s repeating itself — Mr. Buhari’s tone and demeanor are reminiscent of 1984, and his military-era War Against Indiscipline program is being reintroduced.
There are no easy answers to Nigeria’s malaise, but the government’s intervention could be more salutary — by prioritizing infrastructure, creating a business-friendly environment and communicating to a populace mired in disappointment.
In a country enamored of dark humor, a common greeting among the middle class now is “Happy recession!”

A hater of women, a president from dark ages - By Femi Fani Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode
An Article from Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode.

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”- Psalm 23.
I recited this scripture three times and waited on the Lord quietly and calmly when I heard that my wife and son had been unlawfully apprehended and detained in a bank in far away Ado Ekiti on the orders of the EFCC whilst I was in Lagos.
Somebody should tell Mumu Buhari to stop sending his goons to abduct other peoples wives and 8 month old infant babies and to stop trying to traumatise them, lock them up and destroy their lives simply because they are married to or fathered by opposition politicians and those he hates.
He should leave my wife Precious Chikwendu, my 8 month old son Aragorn and other members of my family alone, face me directly and be a man. Even in war the wives and children of the enemy are out of bounds.
The truth is that Buhari is nothing more than a coward and a bully and he will suffer the consequences of his actions because God will punish him.
I give thanks to the Living God, the fearless lion that is known as Governor Ayo Fayose and the good people of Ado Ekiti for saving the lives of my loved ones and protecting them from the barbaric and illegal actions and tyranny of the fascists of the EFCC.
I have nothing but contempt for these people. They are the scum of the earth and by the time this is all over they will know that I serve a mighty God.
Despite the threats, persecution, violence and intimidation that my family and I have been subjected to over the last one year my opposition to the Buhari government remains implacable and unrelenting and I refuse to be silenced.
I said that Buhari was an evil man right from the outset and that he would prove to be an incompetent and disasterous President if elected into office and I have been proved right.
If he and his security forces are not killing Shiite Muslims, marginalising Christians, silencing and intimidating critics, locking up members of the opposition, storming the homes of judges or threatening bloggers and journalists they are sponsoring Fulani militants and herdsmen to commit acts of barbarity and terror against their fellow Nigerians.
If they are not impoverishing Nigerians, decimating the economy or freezing the bank accounts of innocent men and women and their family members they are tormenting, abducting and locking up the wives, infants and babies of opposition figures.
If they are not intimidating and charging leaders of the Senate and other senior legislators to court on trumped up charges, murdering IPOB youths, butchering Niger Deltans, humiliating and cheating their own party leaders or discrediting and jailing dissenters they are denigrating women and confining them to the kitchen and bedroom.
Buhari has divided our country along ethnic, religious and regional lines as never before and he has subjected the Nigerian people to levels of starvation, deprivation, poverty and suffering that were hitherto unkown.
And it is not just southerners and Christians that are feeling the pinch and suffering the pain and affliction. Millions of northern Muslims are feeling it as well. If anyone doubts that I challenge Buhari to walk the streets of Kano today and see what happens.
One wonders how things got so bad? One wonders what engendered this terrible affliction and what attracted this deep-rooted curse of a government?
One wonders how a country of 180 million resilient, hard-working, educated, enterprising, adventurous, courageous, cheerful, charitable, forgiving, kind, God-loving, God-fearing and strong-willed people ended up with a President from the dark ages like this?
Even members of the President’s own constituency in the core north, his leading party members from all over the country, his greatest allies and erstwhile friends and now his beautiful young wife are complaining bitterly and openly. They are all wailing as loudly and as frantically as the traditional wailers of the wailing opposition.
The response of the President is to dismiss their concerns with contempt and to describe his young wife as nothing more than something akin to a kitchen maid, a glorified cook and a slavish bed wench before a shocked German audience and an utterly dumbfounded world.
His media aides and apologists tried to spin the whole thing by suggesting that he was just joking but this did not go down well with Mumu Buhari.
The very next day he told yet another group of foreign journalists that he meant every word of what he had said earlier and that as far as he was concerned “women had no place in politics” and they belonged to the “kitchen and the bedroom”.
Now the question is this? How can any sane man describe his wife as only being fit for the kitchen and the bedroom let alone the President of the largest and most densly populated black nation on earth?
What does that tell the world about us as a people? How is that supposed to make our women feel? Does the President know the damage he has done to us by that single statement which he made in distant Germany at the very heart of the European Union?
One of his media aides has already told us that he cannot read newspapers and that he can only manage to comprehend the cartoon section of any paper but even at that his latest comments go beyond the pale.
By his shameful and ignorant asserions about women in Germany Buhari has confirmed the fact that he has no respect for himself, for his people, for his continent, for his women or even for his host, Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is a woman and her German people. Not only did he say those shameful things about his wife and women but he also said it in Merkel’s prescence and on German soil.
No wonder there was deep outrage in Germany and indeed throughout Europe and the civilised world and no wonder leading feminist and human rights organisations and respected members of the German community were demanding for his expulsion from that country.
It is only in Nigeria that some ignorant, sorry and hapless opportunists and hungry government apologists, freeloaders and beggars tried to play the whole thing down by claiming that the President was “just joking”. Shameless are those who say so.
The bitter truth is as follows: Nigeria is being run by a small cabal of hardened, violent, merciless, paranoid, incompetent, relentless, cow-loving religious bigots who are also closet paedophiles, chronic misogynists and ravenous sodomites.
Such people are happy to marry nine-year old brides and to confine their wives to the kitchen and bedroom for the rest of their lives.
Such people hate criticism or opposition in any shape or form because they believe that being in power confers some degree of divinity and deification upon them.
Such people believe that to to challenge their authority is to challenge God and they see themselves not as elected servants of the people but as divinely ordained representatives of God on earth.
Such people believe in crushing, destroying, humiliating, killing and jailing their perceived enemies and political adversaries for no just cause the moment they feel threatened or intimidated.
Yet the truth is as follows: no matter how many Sambo Dasukis, Nnamdi Kanus, El Zak Zakys, Olisa Metuhs, Justice Niyi Ademolas, Warimpo Dudafas, Patience Jonathans, Ayo Fayoses, Nyesome Wikes, Seriake Dicksons, Iyiola Omisores, Segun Mimikos, Robert Azibolas, Bukola Sarakis, Bola Tinubus, Ike Ekweremadus, Femi Fani-Kayodes, Goodluck Jonathans, Cletus Ibetos, Ayo Adeseuns, Precious Chikwendus, Bintu Dasukis, Patrick Akpobolokemis, Kime Engozus or any of the thousands of others that you constantly malign, harass, falsely accuse, lock up, terrorise, intimidate, charge, traumatise, demonise, malign, misrepresent, beat, spit upon, insult or humiliate, your time is running out and you cannot escape God’s wrath and judgement.
No matter how many of their families members you seek to shame, humiliate, traumatise, pauperise, break and bring to their knees it changes nothing and it cannot slow down the ticking of the clock or stop the disaster that is coming your way.
The truth is that the fear has gone and no-one is intimidated by you, your goons, your henchmen and your security agencies any longer.
The worse you can do is to kill us all in order to remain in power and even if you do that others will rise up against you in our stead.
As the great American freedom fighter, founding father and patriot Thomas Jefferson said, “the tree of liberty is watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants”. Again as another great American patriot by the name of Patrick Henry
once said “give me liberty or give me death”.
Yet the clock is ticking and your time is almost up. I pray that you repent before it is too late. I say this not out of malice or in an attempt to seek revenge but with love and compassion from the bottom of my heart.
I say it by the leading of the Holy Spirit of the Living God. If you do not repent and desist I assure you that the very pit that you are digging for others may well be your final resting place.
No man is greater than the Living God and no government can successfully and indefinately resist the will of the people. In your attempt to silence me, God will silence you.
It is just a matter of time before the good Lord strikes back and pulls you down. Why? Because your wickedness knows no bounds and because you take pleasure and delight in it.
Why? Because there is a God in Heaven who rules in the affairs of men. Why? Because you have touched the annointed of the Lord and you have troubled His beloved people.
Why? Because He is the father of the fatherless, the defender of the weak, the provider of the needy and the husband of the widow.
Why? Because the Nigerian people are praying morning, night and day that your cancerous evil and reckless insensitivity and brutality must be brought to an end.
This is a wake up call and your final warning. Desist from troubling the Nigerian people Mr. President and stop trying to destroy the lives of innocent men and women.
If you do not God will not only bring you to your knees and humiliate you to a point of ridicule and contempt but he will also sweep away your government, remove all your clothes and strip you naked before the entire world.
In your desperate attempt to silence me, the Lord of Hosts and the Ancient of Days will silence you. Thus sayest the Spirit of the Most High God and His zeal shall surely perform it.
Sooner than later He will deliver us from this evil and wicked President who hails from the Darrk Ages.
Sooner than later He will rescue us from the cruel and unrelenting claws of the Dark Angel that presides over the affairs of our land. Blessed be His name forever.

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