Sunday, 11 October 2015

SUG vs School management: possible showdown in Uniport tomorrow

from all indications, there is going to be a possible showdown in University of Port Harcourt tomorrow between the schOol authorities and the student union government. This is concerning the exams timetable schedule to kick off tomorrow, being 12th of october.  while the union is insisting that the school management has not put he necessary  requirements in place for the examinations to commence, the university is saying that the above date has been there in the school academic calendar and the school hs been working to make sure that the lecturers and staff keep to it. Meetings by both parties t iron oout this has ended in deadlock as both prties refused to shift ground. the school, within the week had sent message across to students via SMS arguing them to read hard for the exams thus:
"Pls the 2014/2015 2nd Semester Exams for Full-time Undergraduate students will start on Mon, 12/10/15, as scheduled on the Academic Calendar
Signed: Registrar."

To counter this the student union government has also sent messages across o students stating their problem and arguing the students to at home or face possible beating:
Greatest Nigerian Student!!!

By this notice u are officially informed that there will be no exams on Monday 12/10/2015 reasons being that:
Necessities have not been put in place for exams to hold.
Our students have been dying and we don't know what's happening.
Students are facing so many challenges with the so called GES registration because some GES Officials are so lazy and come to work extra-late.
Most students have not paid their school fees and atleast this month should be a month of grace.
We have not seen our last semester results up till now so what are we writing exams for? How do we know courses to re-register.

We cannot do without the school management and let it also be known that they cannot also do without us. Be that as it may, we the student also have a stake in our affairs.

We cannot write exams in our present condition now because just some months of resumption now all we are hearing is exams even in creche and nursery schools they do revision before exams talk more of a university environment where students are faced with so many challenges.
Our hostels are like dungeon. Plz tell me how do we prepare for exams in such a delapitated environment.
Our year 1 students are paying huge amount of money at the end of the day no hostel space.Plz tell me how do they prepare for exams when they're looking for a place to shelter themselves.
Greatest Nigerian Student I think it's time for us to say enough is enough let the right thing be done.

We are not saying we don't want to write exams all we are saying is that allow student to finish their GES registration to avoid extra year, we must see our results, we must have our revision week before exams and finally our SUG WEEK must hold before exams since uniport no longer part-take in rag-day.

Please for your sake and to avoid mass failure this semester let us all in one mind say no to this ERA OF DICTATORSHIP.

Plz let it be known that we are not fools and to those that are using this for their political and selfish interest thunder without brake go fire them in Jesus name!!!

There is no exam on monday be it Ges or whatever.
If u come out that day having exam in mind we will send u back home plus beating.
If we don't say NO now....we may never have the opportunity to say NO again.
Please don't just read rbc
Aluta continua!
Victoria Acerta!!
Thanks..Amadi John Dove SUG D.O.I"

The school has further sent messages across to parents arguing them to dissuade the children from the plan protest. To discourage any possible protest and disruption of the exams, there has been some noticeable presence of some security personnels around the campuses.

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